How does the protocol work?

Every time a transaction is made a fee is istantly applied.

A percentage of the fee is automatically redistribuited trought all token holders (Reflective function), the remaining part is burned, making our token deflationary. Both reflective and deflationary functions are already incorporated in our contract, StellarCat token holders won't need to put their tokens into staking or into any pool, fees are automatically redistributed with every transaction.

Because of this, security risk is greatly reduced. No external contracts or interfaces need to be interacted with in any way. This is our core function and will directly contribute to the token's value increase over time because holding is constantly rewarded.

What is Crypto?
How it works
Pre-Sale & Values

Tokens Sale

ICO will start in

We have announced Public Sale! Join now and get your token! get your money!
Get your tokens for the best price: We fixed the SCF price at 0.00016667 BNB = 1 SCF

  • Public Sale starts June
  • Public Sale ends June
  • PancakeSwap Quotation June
  • Acceptable currencies BNB
  • Minimal transaction amount 0.1 BNB
  • Number of tokens for sale 1,080,000 SCF (54%)
Why buy?


Fee applied to transactions ranges between 1% and 10%.

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Logic of Token

When the price of SCF decreases the percentage of the fee which will be burned will decrease as well, increasing the yield distribution towards token holders.
This way, the more the price drops the more the yield increases and vice versa, all automatically.
Let’s do an example:
Let’s suppose that total fee is 2.5% with 50% of it allocated to burning while the remaining 50% to yield distribution. This means that if someone does a transaction worth 50.000 SCF, 2.5% of it is taken (1.250 SCF), half gets distributed to all token holders (625 SCF) based on the percentage of SCF supply everyone holds, the remaining part (625 SCF) is instantly burned, lowering our total supply and increasing token’s value.
If the price of the tokens decreases our smart contract will detect it and instantly increases yield distribution by increasing the percentage of the fee allocated to distribution.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

The contract address is:



Max supply: 2.000.000 SCF (STELLARCATFINANCE)

54% Public Sale

180BNB / 1,080,000 SCF
0.00016667 BNB = 1 SCF - 1 BNB = 6000 SCF

25.245% PancakeSwap - 504,900 SCF

10.755% Team Reserve - 215,100 SCF

10% Marketing & Community Rewards - 200,000 SCF



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